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Best Line-Marking Machines for Use in High-Rainfall Grassy Areas

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When looking to line-mark an area of grass, choosing the right product the first time around can save a lot of work later. Making the right decision is especially important in high-rainfall areas, as using the wrong type of line-marking equipment can lead to poor coverage and fast fading or removal of markings. Read on to find out how to maximize your chances of high-quality, long-lasting coverage.

A lot of rain doesn't mean you can't achieve a great pitch with strong, solid, durable lines—you just need to do a bit of research. Taking a good look at the area of land you plan to line-mark will help you to choose the right equipment. You should also keep an eye on local weather patterns and seasonal changes in condition.

Dry Line Marker

For particularly muddy grass, which can be common in areas with lots of rain and cool temperatures, a dry line marker may be your best option. Dry line marking is one of the oldest methods around, so it's been thoroughly tried and tested. A non-toxic whitening powder, based on natural calcium carbonate, is dispensed from the machine as it is rolled along the surface. This method can be more economical than newer, paint-based techniques, and it should last as long.

Transfer Wheel Marker

For areas that are less muddy but still experience regular rainfall, there are several other options. Transfer wheel markers can be filled with paint or powder, depending on the model. They work by distributing marking fluid via a wheel which can be adjusted in size according to your needs. Transfer wheel markers are simple to use and not too expensive. However, they're not ideal for use on surfaces that are extremely wet or muddy. If rainfall is so common in your area that there is unlikely to be a dry day to carry out the line marking process, this isn't the best option. If used on a dry surface, this type of machine should provide bold, long-lasting lines.

Spray-Jet Marker

Spray-jet markers are fast becoming one of the most popular line-marking products. Line widths are more easily adjusted than on transfer wheel markers, and a large tank allows plenty of marking fluid to be used at once, without the need for regular stops to top up. The high pressure of spray-jet markers means that wet grass isn't an issue—rain and dew will be blasted away, leaving a surface which is easy for paint to stick to. Lines are also faster drying with this option than with other machines, due to the smaller size of paint droplet. This means you don't need to worry about a sudden downpour washing away all of your hard work.