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Why It's So Important to Service Your Home's Air Conditioning Unit Regularly

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By the end of a long, hot summer, many people are only too eager to turn off their home air conditioning systems and fling open the windows. They're certainly looking forward to some cooler days ahead and may not give the air conditioning system a second thought until summer rolls around again. However, this can be shortsighted, and they should make sure they conduct an important tuneup so that this system doesn't let them down when the heat is on next. Why should this be looked at right now?

Easier to Service

When you opt to service your air conditioning unit out of season, you will typically find that HVAC technicians are much easier to come by. This is because they are not being called away on emergency repair work and can work to your timetables.

Staving off Trouble

Technicians will know what to look for and will be searching for any signs of possible trouble. In this way, they can often fend off an unexpected breakdown, saving you a lot of money in emergency repair bills. They will also be able to service the equipment so that it works as efficiently as possible. In doing so, this will help to keep your average utility bill down as much as possible. Many of the internal parts need to be cleaned and lubricated so that your A/C unit runs like new.

Look at It as an Investment

You may not easily remember the last time that you had to replace a central air conditioning unit, as they do last for quite a while. However, if you neglect to maintain them, then their average life can drop remarkably, and you'll soon find out that they are not the cheapest of components to replace. If you're diligent here though, you can extend the average life of your unit considerably.

Detailed Work

Your technician will also have a good look at the refrigerant levels and ensure that the system is operating under the correct pressure. It might be necessary to calibrate the thermostat to ensure that your on and off triggers are realistic. The amount of air that flows through the system is crucial and needs to be measured during a routine check. Finally, the evaporator and condenser coils have to be carefully inspected and cleaned, and all filters need to be either cleaned or replaced.

Getting Your Report

Once your technician has repaired and/or inspected all parts of the system, they'll provide you with a detailed report, which will include anything that you need to look out for in the upcoming season.