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4 Unique Benefits of Hiring Luxury Taxi Services

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Many people hire taxis for quick and immediate rides, such as going from home to work, or from the grocery store to a friend's place. Taxis make moving around and carrying out important errands much more convenient.

However, you can also take advantage of taxi services to enjoy rides inside luxury vehicles. From stretch limousines to fancy SUVs, taxi services provide bookings for you or your group to move around in style. Think of luxury taxis as a party bus service, only with a wider selection of vehicles for individuals and small groups.

But is hiring a luxury taxi ride actually worth it? Read on to find out.

1. Enjoy a ride in a fancy car

The obvious benefit of hiring a luxury taxi is that you'll enjoy a ride in a fancy car. Many people have their first experience inside limousines or other high-end vehicles when they hire from a taxi service. During this experience, you'll be chauffeured from your pick-up location to your destination, and you can also have your group come along. Luxury taxi rides are perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, a night out on the town and other similar events.  

2. Competitive rates

A common misconception of luxury taxi hire is that it's too expensive. You will find that you can enjoy such a ride at highly competitive rates, especially when booking during off-peak periods. For example, schedule your booking during non-holiday periods to receive a competitive rate. Also, ask for any additional discounts that may be available—you just might land an amazing deal. And, if you're booking the taxi ride as a group, you may also be able to share the costs.

3. Convenient pick-up and drop-off

Luxury taxis also make it easier for you to plan an upcoming ride. You may decide to designate a central pick-up and drop-off point for all members of your party, or you may choose to have the taxi individually pick up all your guests. Having each person picked up from his or her home adds to the excitement of the experience, as opposed to simply meeting at a central location.

4. You may be able to drink while enjoying the ride

Australian drinking laws allow passengers of some types of vehicles to possess and consume alcohol while in the car. In particular, licensed limousines and party buses (where the driver is in a separate area from other passengers) are permitted to have alcoholic beverages on board. So, if you're going for a night out with friends, you may be able to enjoy sipping on your favourite cocktails along the way.  

Reach out to a taxicab service for more information about your options.